Department of Mood Retrieval

So I got my exam back.  I made the usual array of stupid ADHD mistakes that I make on any first-exam-of-the-semester in any math class, because I always forget how absolutely horrible I am at error-checking my own work (seriously, you would not believe the bone-headed crap I do).

Today’s winner?

On a question asking us to identify the equation representing the translations of a given graph, showing both the original (solid line) and translated (dashed line) graphs, I first wrote out the correct equation for the translated graph.

Then, instead of circling THAT SAME FREAKING EQUATION in the list of four possible answers, I circled the equation for the un-translated graph.


This is the mathematical equivalent, I am quite sure, of sissone-ing the wrong way in the combo.

Oh, I called this “Department of Mood Retrieval” because initially I was very depressed about this, but now I find it funny, and it’s improving my mood a bit.

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