This Is Why I Can’t Have Free Time

Today I took my usual “Hey, it’s my day off!” morning soak in the tub and read for a while, and in the middle of that process realized that in putting together a little presentation on Dance-Movement Therapy for Psychology Club at IUS, I’ve overlooked the fact that one of my co-presenters is blind and that the opening exercise I chose might not work for her.

So, like any good child of the internet age, I hopped on the Innertubes to look for an answer.

Predictably, this meant rolling over to facebook to query the wonderful ADTA community … and an hour later I’m like, “WHY???”

Not, mind you, because of anything the ADTA folks have said or done, but because the internet is full of sand-traps crafted from adorable cat videos and their ilk, and facebook is the pinnacle (or should I say nadir?) of those sand-traps, and I’m now scrabbling on the walls of the slippery slope1.

1) If I just stay away from G+ and facebook, I can avoid the sandtraps pretty well, but today I had to check both for productivity-related reasons — facebook for my DMT question, G+ for a Cabal project.

D’oh. Best laid plans.

That said, I was immensely productive over the majority of Spring Break. Basically, between last Tuesday and now, I’ve installed and configured two iterations of WordPress on third-party web servers and banged out an enormous amount of work on two web projects. One is a fundraiser thing for our Burning Man camp; the other is for a newly formalizing do-gooding arm of the Bike Commuter Cabal.

I’m pretty proud of both of them, and pretty pleased with myself for managing to keep my waterfowls sufficiently linear-arrayed to accomplish a not-insignificant amount of work in a fairly-insignificant amount of time.

Swan Lake.  By Paata Vardanashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia (Nino Ananiashvili "Swan Lake") [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Original photo by Paata Vardanashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia (Nino Ananiashvili “Swan Lake”) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I’m definitely feeling more positive about the idea of, you know, like, getting a job and being a productive member of society in the intervening year between my terrifyingly-close graduation and the beginning of grad school (I should totally add a countdown timer plugin to my blog, here, so I can terrify myself even more every time I look at it).

Tomorrow I go to see my dentist, Dr. Shay, to have a crown put in (I broke a molar >.<), so I'm not sure whether I'm going to Wednesday evening class or not. Depends on how functional I am. The root canal portion of this exercise, which took place on Friday, was painless but actually rather exhausting, and Dr. Norton's assistant ruled out any ballet for Friday (which was an easy call, since the root canal procedure was scheduled for the same time as class).

If Dr. Shay says no to Wednesday class, I will behave myself (even though LBS has its spring break next week). The antibiotic I'm taking (for the tooth) is an iffy proposition with ballet anyway — it's one of the ones that comes with the rare but still frightening possibility of tendon rupture which is significantly heightened by the use of corticosteroids.

Since I take fluticasone (a corticosteroid) every day in order to be able to breathe through my nose, part of me worries about that (probably more so than necessary, but I don't want another mandatory 6-week-or-longer break from jumps, or worse, from ballet in entirety!).

You know what they say:
"Good things come to those who don't asplode their tendons."

Anyway, just in case you weren't sufficiently distracted, here's a great video to get you started!

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  1. Thanks for the distraction Asher, I sure needed it!

    • Thanks! I thought this one was great, too. Some posted it to the ADTA’s facebook group today, and it definitely put me in a great mood.

  2. Wow! I have no sense of rhythm, but I was really grooving and I got up to dance…;-) I LOVE that video! A thousand flashbacks.

    I wish I could say my week had been at least halve as productive as yours, but this old lady was doing good just to get the garden planted. (I’ll put up a post in a day or so and you can ‘pretend’ you visited Texas on break.)

    I know the medication concerns you speak of, last year I had pneumonia three separate times, and was given that medication. I was warned of the tendon issue. Be careful and don’t rush things, Asher.

    • Planting a garden is a great kind of productivity! I look forward to seeing your post! It’s one of those things I’ve yet to be able to do successfully — I am horrible abuser of plants (though maybe the medication will help :D). My most recent plant was a gift, and I asked the giver, “What did it do to deserve this?” (Amazingly, that plant is still alive, owing in part, no doubt, to the fact that it’s an aloe.)

      About not rushing things — duly noted! I will take it easy. Definitely not doing class tonight; probably just going to do Essentials on Friday.

      Funny, the last time I took this stuff, it was for pneumonia. That kind of puts things in perspective: I’d much rather be taking it for post-dental-work prophylaxis!

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