For my birthday, I got a new pair of Sansha Pro1cs. Our local dancewear store doesn’t carry Capezio’s Romeo shoes, so I got fitted, and I’m going to try these and then maybe order some Romeos down the line if the fit is right, since the ballet-shoe experts at the shop can figure out the size equivalents.

I also got a new dance belt — a second copy of the black one I already had, but I think Capezio has updated the design with different elastic, and as a result it’s about 1,000 times more comfortable than the old one was on Day 1. I wore it to Trapeze and Conditioning classes tonight.

My Mom sent me a copy of Shunryu Suzuki’s Branching Streams Flow In The Darkness. I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

It’s nice to get useful things (okay, so I totally picked them out myself [update: not the book; that was all Mom], but still), and getting to visit the dance-stuff store with B. and Denis was a great deal of fun. Especially since the lady at the dance-stuff store said of B. and me (while chatting about having to warn younger kids about not toppling the portable barre), “…but you guys are seasoned professionals.”

Between that and the million times I heard the word “Beautiful!” during Trapeze 1, I am amazed that my ego actually fit through the door tonight 🙂

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