On my last evening in Cinci, I was playing around with a desk lamp and my phone’s camera, just sort of exploring the play of light and shadow on my skin.

After a while, it got away from me and got all conceptual up in the place — and then it turned into a series of self-portraits that I actually rather like. I was thinking about my relationship to my body, which is complicated by a combination of immense gratitude for my body’s capabilities and the frequent dissonance I experience living in it.

I hope some of that made it into the pictures, but I didn’t really consciously try to inject it. It just happened to be what I was thinking about while I shot a series of self-portraits; half looking into the light, half looking away. Some apply the concept more subtly than others.

I thought long and hard about which to include in the gallery, here. Some of the ones I eventually chose feel very exposed (some are very exposed, by my standards). Likewise, some feel a little to self-conscious and concept-y, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing in this context. Dance sometimes means doing self-consciously conceptual thing with your body.

So here they are. My favorites, the second of which was the result of folding a remembered moment from Thursday’s masterclass into the mix, are last.

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  1. So sensuous… these aren’t photographs, they’re a dance!

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