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Danseur Ignoble: Amazing Ballet Pictures by Marge Ely

I think I mentioned that we went to a pre-Burn party last weekend, and I may have mentioned that photographer and fellow Burner Marge Ely took some pictures of us (and others who volunteered) while we were there.

Marge sent us the pictures today. Two of them are delightful; one is really quite stunning (seriously, I’m like, “Wait, that’s me?!”).

So, without further ado, here they are:

Denis and Asher standing in passe (sort of) at Burn Voyage, August, 2015.  Photo by Marge Ely.

Denis (R) and me, working the passé. …By the way, it’s hard to get into a really solid rélève in these shoes. Photo by Marge Ely, August, 2015.

Edit: I knew Denis was taller than I am, but not, “I’m on demi-pointe and he’s still taller!” taller.

Asher and Denis standing in passe.  Photo by Marge Ely, August, 2015.

This was actually the first of the two passé pictures, but I think I like the second better. Photo by Marge Ely, August, 2015.

Asher in arabesque at Burn Voyage, 2015.  Photo by Marge Ely.

This one’s my favorite, I think (yeah, I’m kind of a shameless narcissist sometimes). I’m still stunned, both that I am capable of looking this good, and also that I can arabesque that well on gravel in stiff-soled tennis shoes 😀 I’m not even making weird faces! Photo by Marge Ely, August, 2015.

So, there you have it. Amazing, beautiful pictures by an amazing, beautiful photographer. She’s hoping to mount a show of these, and I really hope she does, because I’d love to see the whole collection together in a gallery!

When I get a chance, I’ll post a link to Marge Ely’s facebook gallery from the party.

No class today because of packing, but I’ll be doing class tomorrow (Brian is teaching! YAAAAAY!).

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