Modern: The Side Successions Succeed

…Sort of.

I learned to love side successions in Cinci last summer. They are so the opposite of ballet, but when they work, holy crap, they’re beautiful (and they feel really good; like your body kind of massages itself while you’re also stretching).

Yesterday we worked on side successions a lot, especially a little traveling side succession thing that has been doin’ me a heckin’ bamboozle during a combination we worked on Tuesday and today, à la “Ballet Squid Goes Modern.”

I wasn’t thinking of it as a travelling side-succession. I was thinking of it as … I dunno, a more vertical washing machine(1) with wavy-gravy arms?

  1. To whit: “washing machine” might not even be the standard Modern Dance People name for the thing I call a “washing machine,” which is basically a squatty kind of chaîné in 2nd en tournant that you do en manège … yeah, I pretty much always wind up describing modern in ballet terms.

In fact, it’s a side-succession coupled with a chassé and a little turn-under.

We did a bunch of these across the floor to some super-cool flamenco music (if I had time for another dance form in my life right now, I’d go straight for flamenco).

Overall, a fairly successful class: I got frustrated at the end because I was struggling to remember bits of a long bit of choreography and I was All By Mysee-e-eeelf, so I couldn’t crib off someone else for the missing parts.

Curiously, I think I remember most of the choreography now ._. I am sorta cursed with that thing where the choreography consolidates on the way home.

Anyway, now I’m going to go try to wrangle the finances. Apparently, at some point, our Quicken restored a backup file (and apparently lost the newer ones?), and I’m basically having to re-do the reconciling for all of 2016. Not happy about that at all.

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  1. “Washing machine”: 2nd, chassé, close arms 1st, revolve, open to 2nd? One of the combinations for our Xmas showing started with 3x of those. I found it tough to judge how much attack to give it; not enough and you need an extra step to keep travelling, too much and you handbasket out.

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