Our Super Adventure on The Potential Danger of the Feline Purr! 

Posted on 2017/02/21, in attempted humor, it is a silly place, life. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. That cat’s name is Pixel! ❤ I love Robert Heinlein!
    One of my tarantulas is called Pixel, but fortunately he has not yet proven able to walk through walls.

    • Idk, it could be hard to keep track of a tarantula who could walk through walls! But your Pixel is adorable!

      I am also quite fond of Heinlein (though sometimes his books read a little bit “The Fifties In Spaaaaaaaaace!”, which makes me giggle :D)! Somehow, I’d completely failed to make that connection, though!

      • Yeah, old science fiction is often hilarious! 🙂
        I usually scour all books for names to give to my pets, RPG characters, stuffed toys, plants and completely random possessions, so I had Pixel pegged down as a cool name as soon as I read the book.

      • Pixel is a great name!

        It’s nice to know that there are other people out there naming pets and things from books. We had a tradition for a while when I was growing up of naming our pets from Tolkien–so we had a Peregrine/Pippin, Bilbo, Arwen, and Thorin–and then they branched out to literature in general, and we had a Cassandra and a Zoe (who was a dog) and a William (as in Shakespeare–a long-haired, fluffy catbeast who turned out to be a girl … her brother was the one named Arwen, though, so it’s all good :D).

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