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Audition-Day Hijinks!

In an effort to keep myself from sitting at home and obsessing about today’s audition, I decided to haul my hiney out of bed and go to acro class.


And this goofiness happened 😀

It started out as graceful half-highs with port de bras, then turned into the Creation of Adam, then turned into two guys going PULL MY FINGER!!!

Top, L-R: Jesse, Me

Bottom, L-R: Starr, Denis

Totally worth it. Hanging out with my acro peeps always puts me in a great frame of mind.

Now I only have an hour to obsess before I can go check in and warm up. Maybe I should take myself out for lunch…

Time to Split!

Wednesday Class was decent yesterday (Ms. B is teaching summer intensive, so we’ve got a substitute whose name slips my mind right now, Ms. E); learned that my tombé-pique/step-over/lame duck was a little, erm, enthusiastic; dialed it back and got a double or two in.

I basically always go into it like I’m going to do coupé-jeté en tournant. Or, at least, that’s how I was going into it. We had to do them slooooooowly yesterday – eight turns to super-slow music: pique, pique, pique, double pique; tombé-pique, tombé-pique, tombé-pique, double tombé-pique if you’ve got ’em.

My petit allegro was slow, but that’s why petit allegro isn’t my strong suit. I need to work on that, always. Forever. It’s physics: pendulums with skinny ends swing faster than pendulums with fat ends, and I have freaking huge ankle bones. My ankles exist, now, but they’re not what you’d call skinny.

Wasn’t sure if a thing in grand allegro was temps de puisse or coupé-balloné (edit: it was temps de puisse; I just sort of blipped out somehow while our instructor was giving the combination); once my brain was un-confused, my legs kept trying to do both at once. Other than that, though, pretty good.

Tonight in acro we did a new thing called “lever,” which I fly like an ace because I have pretty solid splits.

Here it is:


This month is Splits Challenge at Suspend. I’ve signed up in hopes of regaining hypersplits, heh.

Here’s my opening salvo:


Tonight, I hopped on a Rola-Bola for the second time in my life.

And then I learned to juggle on it.

While dancing.

BTW, I can only juggle three balls, but it looks way cooler when you’re simultaneously Rola-Bola-ing.

Then our dexterity instructor paused and told me, “If there was a hat on the ground, I would totally put money in it.”

Totally going to have to perfect this and use it to avoid ever getting a job entertain my friends 😀

We snagged a little bit of video of it; I can’t wait to see it. Going to have to work on this one and get moar video!

Oh, and also awesome things happened in lyra and acro-balancing. A classmate snagged some great pix, so I’ll try to remember to repost them here.

Holy Cow, My Cheekbones, Y’all

Cirque du So Far, So Good

Today was Shiny Tights Day … At least, it was for me.


Candlestick in a straddle with no feets. No big deal.


Just, like, hanging out with our instructor, Ms. C(1).  (There were two Cs today.)


A little Archer’s Pose (this was actually part of the dismount).


“Squatty hip lean,” and probably the nicest picture of me going. Also, I haz a pasty. Wow.


Finally flying Denis in foot-bird!


The highlight of acro-balancing, in which we built a mighty wall of tabletops.

Ballet, Meet Cirque

Acro-Balancing tonight. It was fun, although quite challenging at times.

I discovered that being all legs makes mounting more challenging, but balancing easier when you’re the flyer. It makes being the base kinda weird sometimes — thigh stands are okay, but short arms and long legs makes a steep mount in foot bird or candlestick.

Ballet also makes a lot of it easier — if you have a good arabesque, you know how to use the muscles in your back for the foot bird.


This was just before Denis got wobbly on me. He thinks it's gorgeous; I, of course, notice that my feet could be more pointed, my legs aren't even, my neck is tense, my...

I also discovered that I can still do a tripod headstand forever and ever and do cool stuff with my legs during. I’ll have to see if I can get my handstands back. They are awesome for for stability and balance, and I think that would be handy (no pun intended, I swear) for partnering.

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