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Giant Ballet Part-ay!

I skipped class tonight to go on a date with my husband. This involved a whole lot of mental wrangling, which mostly revolved around the fact that I’m forever kvetching at him about how This Afternoon Will Never Happen Again But The Dishes (or Billing, or Whatever) Will Still Be There When We Get Back, So Let’s Go For This Walk Now.

This evening, we had a one-time chance to go see a friend from church speak about her amazing bike adventure, so I sucked it up and went. It was fun and illuminating. The best lesson percolated in my mind this way: When you’re reading, the adventure doesn’t really happen with things are going exactly how Bilbo or Frodo or Harry (and/or Hermione and/or Ron, etc.) want(s) them to go. The adventure happens when things are off the rails and the unexpected rolls in. The adventure happens when our intrepid heroes encounter giant spiders or Dark Lords or, you know, flat tires. Or just hours and hours of rain and hills.

So, anyway. Pretty cool stuff!

Tomorrow night, Louisville Ballet is throwing a party at ReSurfaced, which is an interesting little outdoor happening space that has materialized in downtown Loutown. We are going, which I am using to assuage the part of my mind that is totally having Wednesday Class Withdrawals right now.

I have no idea if anyone I know from class is going, but darnit, we’re going. Or, at least, I am. I hope Denis is, because I frankly have no idea what to do at a party by myself, even if it’s a ballet-related party. At least, I have no idea what to do until the dancing starts. Then I can hold my own until someone shuts the music down.

I’ll be doing Friday class again, and probably just Essentials on Saturday because it’s Opera day, so the noon class will be too tight a fit, and I’m not ballsy enough to brave Advanced class yet. I don’t think they’d kick me out or anything; I’m pretty sure that if you’re a game Intermediate student and you know how to play along without holding the class back, they’ll let you jump in.

I have discovered that, where ballet is concerned, “Game” is my middle name. I will try anything once, and then again, and then an infinite number of times until I finally get it right, or at least sufficiently un-wrong to cease being a living embarrassment to the art form (at which point I will keep going until I do get it right. Even if I do keep forgetting what comes between the last saute arabesque and the brisée — assuming I heard that part right*.

So that’s it for tonight. I’m off to bed. Much homework to do tomorrow, plus conditioning workout, plus party taimz.

*I spent about an hour on Monday night lying in bed trying to figure out if I’d heard the first part of the combo right — like, was it sauté arabesque or piqué arabesque? I missed the visual. I did sauté the whole time and nobody complained, and since I went (as always) in the first group, I figure someone might have said something if I was totally freaking wrong.

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