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Things That Took A Million Years When I Was A Kid

…but don’t now that I’m an adult:

  • Checking out of a hotel room.  Seriously, how did it take us like an hour to pack up after one night?
  • Setting up a tent. It takes me about 5 minutes to set up a normal dome tent. Though the fact my sis and I usually spent 45 of the 50 minutes of the setup process arguing miiiiiiiiight have been related?
  • Waiting for the waffle iron at the hotel breakfast bar to finish its job. I mean, it’s got a countdown timer right there. 
  • Pliés. 
  • Driving home from the pizza place. Tbh though this still feels like it my whole life I’m hangry but have to bring pizza to the party and can’t just shove it in my face. 
  •  Driving from our house in Wethersfield to our beach cottage in Old Lyme. In Connecticut. Seriously, y’all. Connecticut is tiiiiiiiiiiny.
  • Learning any choreography. Ever.
  • Tendus. 
  • Deflating an air mattress.
  • Barre.
  • Okay, so basically everything that wasn’t grand allegro. 

Good thing I wasn’t in any hurry to grow up?  

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