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I think one source of my difficulties, this past week, was not eating enough, so I think I’m going to get back to logging everything for a couple of weeks.     

We dined out with friends last night at a local Mexican place. I inhaled two sizeable burritos (together, they were about the equivalent one of Qdoba’s edible depth charges), which is way more than I can usually in one meal. Evidently, red warrior needed food badly[1].

  1. You guys, I played Gauntlet exactly once[2], aeons ago, as a kid. Why is this still so funny? (Blue elf shot the food!)
  2. I was terrible it, not least because I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Anyway, between actually eating yesterday and foam-rolling my entire body and re-upping my Flonase, I felt better today, and class went fairly well. Some of it even went really well. 

Oh, and I managed another quarduple. 

Not smooth enough yet to call it a proper quadruple turn, but better than the last one. There was no hoppity-hop of shame this time, just, “One … Two … Threeeee … Oh, heck, I have time, Ffffffffoooouu…ur. Phew!” Actually landing properly fourth on the correct diagonal and everything. What the how, you guys.

Evidently, it really does help if you just stay UP.  It’s the learning where UP actually is that’s the hard part. 

Of course, after that I got excited and kept giving my turns too much force, so I’d have to forcibly stop them, then rotate so I was facing the correct corner. 

Going left, I made myself do a balance, then a single, just so I’d calm the heck down. 

Also, today’s warm-up jumps ended with me going on merrily by myself, then asking, “Oh, there aren’t four more changements?” JMH just looked at me like, “U crazy.”

Honestly, though, was just nice to feel capable(ish), which made it easier to relax and enjoy class. 

On the other hand, my left leg doesn’t want to support eff all today, so there’s that. Adagio was glorious going right and a train wreck going left. Oh, well. 

On the otber other hand, my efforts at using my eyes are working. 

Anyway, this coming week I’ll make sure to Eat All The Things. My legs still feel kinda weak, but they’ll get there.


PS: Bonus “sweat angel” pix. You’re welcome 😛

It was Dr. Dance, in the studio, with the grand allegro!

Product enlarged to show detail 😛

A Brief Hello

I’m apparently in a bit of a rut right now, of the irritating kind defined by the feeling of being sufficiently depressed to find socializing exhausting but not so depressed that you can’t see that A) you’re depressed and B) you’re kind of a jerk right now.  

On the other hand, good things are happening regardless, to wit:

  • I can finally jump reliably again! (And I am So. Out. Of. Shape. But I can jump, so that’ll be sorted soon enough.)
  • Ballet Detroit’s master class was superlative! Literally one of the best classes I’ve ever taken and also one of the hardest. Rayevsky gives a heckin brutal barre, but in a good way. Meanwhile, our final exercise across the floor involved (for the boys) sixteen grand pirouettes. On each side. I managed eight on the right; I literally can’t remember what happened on the left =:O I will be working on these with BW.
  • Got my triples back going right. Going left, turns still feel a little weird on my healing foot, so I’m working on getting clean ones and not focusing on counts—so it’s singles and doubles, which I mostly don’t do like a crack-addled wildebeest. Mostly.
  • Did a … We’ll call it a “quarduple.” Not quite a real quad, but a proper triple that ended with I … AM … GOING AROUND …  AGAIN … DAMMIT!!! It wasn’t pretty, but it happened.
  • Did turns at the barre without panicking because there was no time to panic, because the in question was like “8 counts AND TURN! 8 more counts AND TURN! Now repeat (AND TURN!) and reverse (AND TURN!)”   
  • Also landed a double tour out of sheer terror. Apparently, I perform best when I’m basically terrified of disappointing my instructor. Sadly, I didn’t even really clock the fact that THAT HAPPENED at the time because, you know, sheer terror. 
  • Got a scholarship for Pilobolus’ intensive 😀
  • Picked up my first Official Dance Paycheck. YASSSSSSS. 
  • Learned that D can Bluebird Lift me.

So those are all good things that happened. I’m hoping that now that I can jump again and have survived a double tour once, I’ll stop psyching myself out of double tours. 

PS: I can only Bluebird Lift D if he climbs into it, partly because he’s harder to balance than I am because he’s not as good at engaging all the things, but also partly because my arms are short. 

PPS: I realized that even though I know how to lift people bluebird-stylie, trying to be lifted us confusing as hell when you’re trying to remember where your hands go when you’re doing the lifting and translate it to placing your bodyparts appropriately. 

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