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Readathon Reports!

10:45 AM
Due to a bus Snafu,  I will be taking part in the 12PM class instead of the usual 10AM class.   As such, I’ve got a couple of hours to relax and read.

I’m making progress through Aline Templeton’s Dead  in the Water while enjoying a smoothie at Target.

3:40 PM
Almost done with Dead in the Water, so I’m taking a quick break to post today’s class note(s).

Here’s what I learned:

I can haz Ezmeralda?  Kthxbai.

Sometimes, the gap between what you feel and what you’re doing is huuuuuuuge.

That about sums it up. I’m a leaner. When I pull myself up tall, I lean back. D’oh. But! When I do it right, it makes a HUGE difference! So thanks to the lovely Claire for getting me straightened out (so to speak). I hit some nice pique and soutenu turns today (before completely falling apart) and realized that the overbalancing bit is what’s been hosing up my chaines, as well. So yay!

…And now back to reading.

5:30 PM
Dinner break*!

*By which I mean, time to put some water on to boil for pasta so I can nuke some sauce I made the other day and get back to reading 😀

8:48 PM


9:15 AM
I completed A Separate Peace and began Eminent Dogs and Dangerous Men, which I highly recommend to anyone who loves dogs. However, I succumbed to sleep at some point while still reading. Does “reading with your eyes closed” (a time – honored tradition of my Mom’s – she, too, is great at sleeping with a book on her face :D) count?

All told, I feel like I had a solid first crack at the Readathon, and it was most enjoyable. Any day spent amongst good books is a good day!

Read-A-Thon Prep!

I’ve been gathering books (with some help from my school’s book sale, where I’ve found some good titles at $0.50/each) for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon.

The plan is to start with these:

Books for Read-A-Thon: A Separate Peace by John Knowles; The Dancer's Way by Linda H. Hamilton, PhD. and New York City Ballet; and Eminent Dogs and Dangerous Men by Donald McCaig.

An old friend (I’m re-reading -A Separate Peace-) and some new friends waiting for tomorrow.
(A Separate Peace by John Knowles; The Dancer’s Way by Linda H. Hamilton, PhD. and New York City Ballet; and Eminent Dogs and Dangerous Men by Donald McCaig.)

…And this:

La Belle et La Bete

La Belle et La Bete: “Beauty and the Beast” en francais.

I also have a DI Marjory Fleming mystery on tap on the Kindle. Since I have class in the morning, I plan to read that on the bus. I really enjoy Aline Templeton’s books; she writes well, but they’re still very relaxing reads.

I have no idea how much of this snowbank-o-books I’ll make it through, but the idea is to enjoy it rather than to kill myself (kind of like the bike ride I took this evening!).

In other news, general updates:

Monday’s ballet class was a mixed bag — my core was more together, my turns were in some cases pretty good — but my head wasn’t entirely in the game the whole way. I think it was a function of not having slept well at all for a few nights in a row, so I’m hoping to be much better after a good, solid rest tonight. I got “Use your technique; don’t lose your technique,” a couple of times on Monday; while that implies that maybe there’s some technique in here somewhere after all (ha!), I’m hoping I’ll hear a bit less of that. I do get overenthusiastic in the turns, though, sometimes.

I wore my stripey shirt on Monday.

I wore my stripey shirt on Monday. Addendum: I should have captioned this, “Use your technique; don’t abuse your technique.”

Today was the Student Conference (undergraduate edition), and I think it went quite well. Bringing my poster to school (and back) was interesting, as we didn’t have a sufficiently-sized poster tube and I didn’t have time to get one.

I am super, super tired at this point, so I’ll probably turn in pretty soon so I can get a good night’s rest in before class tomorrow.

OMG Readathon!

You guys!   How did I not know about Dewey’s Readathon?!   It’s on Saturday.   Denis will be out of town, and I will be Readathon-ing around ballet class.  

Also, don’t worry,  Monday Class Notes are coming.   It’s the last week of school, so I’m buried in the Grand Finale explosion of work that happens this week as we tie up all the loose ends.

More soon!

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