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Selections from Advanced Class

During terre-a-terre:

Me: I keep adding an extra tombé-pas-de-bourée.

BG: Don’t do that—we don’t get paid by the step!


  • Think about over-crossing the working leg in Arabesque
  • At the barre, don’t let the working foot get lazy (also in Arabesque)
  • Corrolary: if you have beautiful feet, use what G-d have ya
  • Get your back up and keep it up, but don’t leave it behind when you failli
  • Double turns: stop looking for your spot!*

So, in short, all the same things I mostly had sorted before the break.

*Except this. I only recently realized that I’m practicing “proactive spotting” rather then letting the spot happen naturally.

Also, petit allegro was a disaster today, but that was because my brain refused to absorb the combination.

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