Thanksgiving & Stuff, 2015

I’m writing this largely as a note-to-self, so it will be a tad light on actual content 🙂

  • Monday class only next week. No class Wednesday or Saturday.
  • The GC2B vest works well enough that I can just wear the compression tank over it if the studio’s warm enough.
  • I need to remember to make a bazillion rolls for Thursday (we’re doing dinner at Kelly’s).
  • Fathom Events is broadcasting both Balanchine’s Nutcracker from NYCB(5 and 10 December, 2015) and The Lady of the Camellias from Bolshoi Ballet … so even if you can’t make it to live, local ballet for whatever reason, you might be able to catch one of those. If you don’t have class then, of course.
    • So that’s it for now.

      À Bientôt!


      Et maintenant, en français:

      J’éris ce que la plupart du temps une note à mois-même, afin de ne pas avoir autent de contenu.

      • Leçon à lundi seulement à la semaine prochaine. Pas de leçon à mecredi ou samedi.
      • Le gilet GC2B fonction assez bien de porter le maillot de compression avec il si le studio est assez chaud.
      • Je ne dois pas oublier de faire un bazillion petit pains pour jeudi (nous dînerons chez Kelly).
      • Evénements Fathom diffuse “Le Casse-Noisette” de Balanchine du NYCB et “La Dame aux Cam´lias” du Bolchoï, donc même si vous ne pouvez pas aller au ballet local, vous pourriez être en mesure d’aller à l’un de ceux. Si vous n’avez de leçon, bîen sur.

      C’est tout pour l’instant.

      See you later!


      I’m going to try to make myself do this “semi-manually translating the post” thing every now and then to at least attempt to bail out the rusting, leaky dinghy that is my command of la langue française.

      Where I discover giant holes, I’m calling on Google Translate. When Google Translate insists on a weird, idiomatic phrasing that seems wrong, I paraphrase (for example, Teh Googs really wanted the “rapeller” form of “remember,” rather than “souvenir” — but AFAIK the sense of “rapeller” is more like to recall something from the past rather than to try to keep something your Golden-Retrievery brain for like four more days … so I just re-routed via “must not forget”/”je ne dois pas oublier*”).

      When all else fails, maybe I’ll just make stuff up — because if it works when you forget the combination, it should also work when you forget the entire French language … right?

      *Turns out that I could have just used a “penser à faire” form (perhaps “J’ai besoin de penser à faire…”). Oh, well.

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  1. They’re doing Nutcracker both December 5 and 10? That’s cool, I was only aware of the performance on the 5th. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to either – I actually do have class on both of the days (and a performance to perform). Fathom Events is also broacasting the Bolshoi’s Nutcracker, I believe on December 21, for anyone who’s interested.
    I had never heard of heard of Lady of the Camellias before seeing the trailer while checking out Ballenchine’s Jewels last weekend, but I thought it looked well worth a watch.

    • I should try to double-check that — when we were at the Met Live in HD broadcast yesterday, they mentioned the 5th and 10th, but you’re right, it’s not on the website (maybe they’re going to add a taped “encore” showing?).

      I wonder if they’re showing the Bolshoi’s Nutcracker here as well. It would be cool to see both for comparison!

      If I hadn’t already been sold on the Lady of the Camellias performance by the promo, the clip that I watched on YouTube from some other production would have convinced me. It involved a scene in which this one dude dashes in with a bunch of flowers, drops a flower, picks up the flower, drops his hat, picks up the hat, drops another flower, and so on. Don’t know if that’s in the standard choreography/storytelling stuff, but that was totally me trying to leave the studio yesterday! ^-^

      I figure a lot of people will actually wind up having class then (I am now immensely grateful for our 9 AM option because of all this stuff). It seems to be a universal thing for us. Every serious dance school should issue all incoming students a t-shirt that says, “I can’t; I have class.”

      Congrats on your upcoming performance, by the way!

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