Not Really Complaining 

… Or, okay, yes, but really only whinging a bit 😉

I saw the nurse-practitioner (you guys, autocorrupt suggested MURDER practitioner! W… T … Actual … F?!  o_O’) at my doc’s practice today. 

She confirmed that I have a sinus infection and also a wee ear infection, which explains why it sometimes feels like the spirit level in my head is borked. 

I’ve been handling this thing very conservatively — actually resting basically all the time, staying clear of strenuous activities (except for the part when I decided to be helpful and uninstall two of the three window aircons in the house by myself, which I did successfully, but which knocked me onto my backside). On the balance, I think it has paid off. In the past, my sinus infections have often progressed into bronchial infections by the end of a week and change, so the fact that this one had constrained itself to the confines of my head is comforting. 

I’ll be taking doxycycline for a week and I’ve got a script for plain 12-hour psuedoephedrine for a while, so that should get me sorted and back to the studio. 

I may attempt Killer B’s barre tomorrow, but I may not. It really depends on my balance and energy level. Today I am definitely listing to port (and not just politically speaking, though I did go and vote), so that’s a huge if. I might also hit up Trap 3 tomorrow night as a semi-spectator, but I don’t want to pull out all the stops right away. I have figured out that easing back into things is part of the deal for me.

On the upside, my blood pressure was stellar (110/56) and my heart rate was fine (75, which is lower than it often is in doctors’ offices, because I am still mildly stressy about being in them, which can be weird and hard and awkward if you’re an intersex person).

So things look doable.

Now I’m going to lie around and watch stupid movies and otherwise bury my head in the sand until the US General Election is over, at which point my friends will tell me whether  it’s safe to come out or I should start burrowing a tunnel to Canada. Except by then I’ll probably be asleep. 

In other news, I’ve been reading horse blogs, which reminds me how much I miss having horses in my life, which is why I avoid horse-related content. 

Also, yes, I’m apparently a sucker for bright orange animals (though I’m not particular about the color of a horse; it’s what’s on the inside that matters).

About asher

Me in a nutshell: Standard uptight ballet boy. Trapeze junkie. Half-baked choreographer. Budding researcher. Transit cyclist. Terrible homemaker. Neuro-atypical. Fabulous. Married to a very patient man. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2015). Proto-foodie, but lazy about it. Cat owner ... or, should I say, cat own-ee? ... dog lover. Equestrian.

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  1. I was so delighted to fly back from Rio with relatively open facetubes; the approach was literally painful on the way out.

    Meanwhile, horses; I’m the only person I know who spent significant time around them who doesn’t crave them. I went to Australia when I was 18 and did the first of the three years you need to call yourself a ringer, so I’m also the only person I know who worked with horses for wages. Also motorbikes, windmills, and most of all, cattle.

    I was a pretty poor horseman, and I didn’t get the bug although I’m fairly sure I could catch my mount and cinch the Western saddle with my eyes shut. But at least I only ever fell off a motorbike.

    • Interesting!

      I seem to have been born with the bug, though I may have caught it from my Mom’s horsey friends. I badgered my Mom into getting me riding lessons by the time I was three; I was riding my trainer’s small young stock and working at the barn in exchange for a lease by the time I was ten. I showed hunters and jumpers and trained for eventing, though I only really got to compete in combined tests (stadium jumping & dressage, no x-country). My trainer was still building her x-country schooling area when my life exploded when I was 13; by the time that was over, she had moved her while operation too far away and I switched to a barn that just did hunter-jumpers.

      Worked briefly with racehorses (youngstock again — 2 year olds in training), then was assistant barn manager at an awesome little private events facility for good stretch, a job I describe as “Getting paid to play with seven awesome horses.” Only left that because I had to get away from my ex, which meant leaving town, and I still miss the hell out of that job. Still kicking myself; I should’ve just holed up and lived in the tackroom!

      Anyway, I still bleed horse blood if you scratch just under the surface. I keep kicking around the idea of looking for a horse job again, if I can find an early-AM feed/muck/turnout kind of gig that’ll let me make it to ballet class, or maybe a split-shift early-AM and post-class schedule.

    • Also, yes, flying with clogged facetubes is the absolute worst.

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