Stand Back—I’m A Proffesional

woo! Finally getting paid on the sorta regular! I can buy a house car nice bike umm. Groceries and a coffee? #firstworlddancerproblems

Posted on 2017/12/06, in adulting, aerials, balllet, cirque, life. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Congrats! Groceries and coffee are pretty useful things. 😉

  2. Money. It’s good. Also, now you have a perfect excuse to be dancing at any time.

    • Yessss. Ultimately, the plan is to make dancing pay for itself and then some, but “make dancing work as an excuse for more dancing” is a step (perhaps a glissade?) in the right direction!

    • Thanks 😊 I’m hoping to be able to chip in for groceries a little more often next year than I have been this year 😁

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