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That Just Happened

Scene from advanced class.

We’re preparing for terre-a-terre. JP counts us up and says, “There’s, what, nine of you? So maybe five and four.”

We start arranging ourselves.

From somewhere in the pack, a timid voice pipes up, “Um, there’s ten of us.”

JP pauses for a sec, then says, “Nine, ten, whatever. I can only count to eight, anyway.”

PS: notes forthcoming, but life craziness had intervened. They're on my tablet.

Also, Swan Lake was awesome. Awful lot of, "OMG, that's my teacher!" (Or classmate. Or friend. Or all three.)

You Might Be A Dancer #002

I almost want to say “I’ve forgotten what inspired this list,” only I haven’t. It’s there in the list. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which item 😀

You might be a dancer if:

  • You go to a gathering where lots of people are barefoot and you think, “Wow, all these people have really flat feet.”
  • You can’t stop your hands from twitching when you’re watching a ballet.
  • You manage to count every piece of music into phrases of 8.
  • When someone says, “Count me in!” you automatically shout, “…Five, six, seven, eight!”
  • You find yourself choreographing short modern dance pieces … to the jingles from YouTube ads.
  • Ditto TV and radio jingles.
  • Let’s not even talk about movie soundtracks.
  • You have officially spent so much of your life wearing leotards that normal clothes feel weird.
  • You own six pairs of technique shoes, each with different characteristics and applications, that are essentially indistinguishable to normal people.
  • And pointe shoes. Let’s not talk about those, either.
  • You do rond de jambes. In line. At the supermarket.
  • You can intelligently discuss intra-company politics at a ballet company halfway around the world — but you honestly have no idea who your local representative is.
  • Your friends arrive at your home for a party only to stand around looking awkward as you hastily stash all the dance belts that were drying in front of the air conditioner vent.
  • Your friends don’t even bother to look awkward because you know them all from class.
  • But sometimes you don’t recognize them with their clothes on, which *is* totally awkward.

“And then I walked right up to Pierre and introduced myself and he said, ‘Marie … We’ve been partners for six years.’ It was awful.” (Image: Henri Rouen, The Ballet Class, 1875, via Wikimedia.)

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